Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Teacher Creature - Beetlejuice

Teacher Creature is a transforming (sort of) action figure from the Beetlejuice toy line. She's meant to look like a creepy old lady. She has a very squat stature and is dressed in pink and purple. She has an ugly face with a gaping mouth and pointy glasses. She has large boney hands and wears a cape that is pink on one side and black and white on the inside.

 When you press down on her head she becomes a little more squat and "ears" come out of the top of her head. Her arms get released converting them from human looking arms into bat-like arms. Her cloak becomes batwings.

If you squeeze her bat-ears, her feet squeeze together and allows her to hold her apple core accessory.

When you release the ears her feet spread out again and she drops her apple bomb. This must be a huge insult in the afterlife.

Here are the instructions from Teacher Creature's card back that show how to transform her,

Teacher Creature is not based on any character from the Tim Burton film. I don't recall this character being in the Beetlejuice cartoon, although it's possible, This figure reminds me a lot of the Real Ghostbusters figure, Granny Gross. I don't think this figure is executed quite as well. Teacher Creature has no real articulation other than her transformation sequence. No elbow, knee, or neck articulation. She looks kind of cool displayed in bat mode.


  1. I wish I had collected these Beetlejuice toys as a kid. They're so darn weird! I'm definitely getting the Granny Gross vibe, too. I really do wonder if any of these designs were ever intended for the Ghostbusters line but were deemed too "out there."

  2. Fun action figure and i don't remember in the movie or cartoon either.

  3. Never seen this one before! Oh, my son and I love Granny Gross!!

  4. This was not a character from the cartoon... I should know. It's my favorite cartoon and I have watched it over and over. All the way through. All 98 episodes.