Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Toy Hunter buys sneakers?

This time Jordan is buying Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and sneakers for Vanilla Ice.

Steve showed off some signed Beatles memorabilia and Jordan said he'd get the stuff authenticated.

The first collector Jordan visited had a fun collection that containing lots of different toys. He had GI Joes and Ghostbusters. Jordan bought a Batmobile toy from him signed by George Barris. Then he looked at his collection of Mego Happy Days figures. Next Jordan found the original TMNT Sewer Lair play set. So after some thought and negotiation he bought it with it's original box.

Jordan and Steve went to Florida to talk to a historian from the Hard Rock. They weren't so sure all the signatures were legit. Kind of a bummer for Steve.

Next Jordan and his buddy Travis went to look at toys and shoes at a collectors house. Jordan was very excited to find a boxed Technodrome and Foot Cruiser. They found a pair of 1985 Air Jordan sneakers as well.

Jordan finally ends up at Vanilla Ice's castle like house. Ice is a huge car fan, so he was a big fan of the Foot Cruiser. He didn't compain about the price of the Sever Set, but he started getting gun shy when talking about the price on the Technodrome. Vanilla ended up buying the Air Jordan's as well.

There was nothing wrong with this episode, but it just didn't feel very exciting. I don't usually care about it when they stress sales goals and hunting down something for a celeb, but this time when he was looking for any random Turtles toys the episode felt a little flat. Maybe it was the fact that they spent so much time talking about rock memerabilia and shoes that the episode felt weak.

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  1. I agree this wasn't a bad one but it was very unexciting.