Wednesday, April 16, 2014

California Raisins

I am a huge fan of stop motion animation and a child of the 80's. So naturally, as a kid I loved the California Raisins. I watched the cartoon and had a ton of PVC mini-figs. Below you will see a small piece of my California Raisin collection. I used to by PVC Raisins and Tasmanian Devil figures at flea markets when ever I'd find them as a kid.

I have two similar but slightly different lead singer figures. I'm not sure if they are truly different, or if the microphone arm on the one is wrapped. Below you can see my collection of "dancing" Raisins. I have three identical "peek-a-boo" figures. One larger one dancer, and my favorite figure in this post is the Raisin with sunglasses.

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  1. These guys are the epitome of the 80s!Awesome.