Tuesday, April 8, 2014

R5-D4 - Vintage Star Wars

There wasn't a lot of shared parts in the vintage Star Wars toy line by Kenner. R5-D4 was one of the few exceptions, being an R2-D2 with a different head. Even the sticker that decorates his cylindrical "torso" is just a recolored R2 sticker.

R5-D4 really didn't get a great role in the first film... he's basically a joke that creates a little suspense at the expense of the true star of the Star Wars Saga. I always used him as the other droid at the rebel base as a kid. My buddy Derek has a Y-Wing fighter, and so his R5 was always in the droid socket on the back of that awesome ship. This figure was in nice condition when I bought it 2nd hand at a comic shop as a kid, and held up nicely through many years of me playing with him. He's one of the few Star Wars toys I had as a kid that I never took outside to play with. I was worried about his sticker. I actually had two R2-D2 figures so I could take the one outside without having to worry about getting his sticker dirty..


  1. My only R5 is the missile firing POTF2 version. I've always liked this guy, even though he does almost nothing in the movie. Unless you subscribe to the theory that he popped his motivator on purpose because R2 explained to him his mission.

  2. I actually like R5 better than R2 lol.

  3. Classic! Still own the one from when I was a kid.