Thursday, April 24, 2014

Toy Room Preview #3

In the past I posted about my toy room a few times (TRP #1, TRP #2, Bump in the Night). Most of my house has been in a state of half renovation. I was slowly repairing issues and repainting rooms. I was waiting to get carpet until I had everything done so I could pay for a single large job carpet install. So I finally have carpet in my toy room as well as several other rooms. I'm super happy about that. I had to empty just about everything out of the toy room. My master bedroom looks insane with all the toys piled up in the corner.

Here are a couple of shots of the toy room mostly emptied out before the new carpet. I think that the tub from the bathroom on the other side of the wall leaked years ago and ruined the padding under the old carpet. You can see a lot of weird padding remnants (green stain) on the wood floor boards.

The bathtub is on the other side of the straight wall in this photo. See how the green stain almost looks like it flowed out from the corner.

Wow, what a difference new padding and a carpet makes. I can't wait to get my stuff back in there. I need to finish painting the other two doors to the display cabinet. I also have some other stuff to build to display my toys on. I have a plan to create and "L" shaped cabinet and counter that will go under the display case and window in this photo. My Flagg Aircraft Carrier will be displayed 90 degrees to the cabinet under the windows.

Here's another shot of that end of the room. I previously posted about how I turned the closet in this room into a display shelf. I had to remove one of the shelves for the installation.

I know this post doesn't really show off toys to much, but I'm just so excited and happy I had to share. I'll be posting about my toy room again when I get the rest of the toys back in there.


  1. So jealous you have a Flagg...Yes awesome toyroom. I have my custom wrestling projects taking up the most room in the ole entertainment center....Wish we had more room down here.

  2. I hope to have a great toy room like this Kevin it looks awesome!

  3. Amazing Kevin!It's gonna look sick once you get everything in there!Very cool ;)