Friday, June 8, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep1 Eggs

This post is an attempt to get everyone who hasn't seen Action Figure Adventures Episode 1 yet to do so. If you have seen it, I'm listing some notes and Easter eggs to look for during a second or third viewing. (I hope you are excited for the official release of AFA Ep 2 tomorrow.)

That's a big pile of toys (in 2006), but nothing to what it would be like if I shot it now.

The opening changes slightly from episode to episode

3:45 That is actually the card back to BTAS Batman, I glued Robin onto the card using the bubble from a Star Wars toy and added some new (hand drawn) art

4:45 Doug Moench, known for his work as a writer on such comic books such as Master of Kung  Fu, Moon Knight, and Batman voices Batman.

6:20 Those are actually things I could see out my dorm window.

7:07 Scoop is wearing another GI Joe's backpack. It happens a couple of times during the show. I  love that back pack.

8:05 The Snapper is Millersville's campus newspaper.

8:32 I actually built K'Nex gliders for those Batman and Robin  figures when I was a kid. (That's were the idea for this escape plan came from)

K'Nex are manufactured in Pennsylvania not far from where Derek and I grew up.

9:56 Chuckles has been holding that gun for the entire scene, but it has been out of frame or behind barbeque. It cracks me up when he seems to pull it out of thin air.

10:56 Ceiling tiles aren't really white on both sides. I just felt that the white side was more recognizable to use as the side you see for the "inside the ceiling set"

11:17 The Cloner originally made a homeland security joke that was more timely when the show was written. Production took so long we changed the line.

This Spider-man movie toy was the newest figure used in the show

12:54 D'Lang watched GI Joe the movie several times to get his Cobra Commander
voice just right

12:50 One of the only times Scoop uses his real accessories (Helmet and Camera)

15:10 I paid $600.00 for that digital camera in 1998. It is a 1 megapixel camera and I was the only person I knew at the time that owned a digital camera. The high school I was attending at the time had one digital camera in the business department

15:52 Over the summer Millersville University riveted all the windows shut the year after we filmed this.

16:36 They Might be Giants kids album "No!" can be seen behind the mug

17:10 Magneto throws a Fisher's True Value pen from my job in high school

17:50 The script called for Robin to kneel down. In a phone conversation with Derek I said, "He can't... I'm dealing with limited articulation here." and that is how we got the production name Limited Articulation

This is the only episode that the Star Wars Episode 1 droid troopers appear.

You're a talk drink a water, but I still pity the fool!

18:34 Brian ad-libbed the line "Kiss my boots!" after seeing the animation of Mr. T. and Magneto fighting.

19:05 My roommate threw the gliders out the window for me.

20:00 We never get to see how they print out the pictures so small.

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