Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Back to the Future 2: Micro Machines

Today I'm taking a look at an odd little Micro Machine set. It is the Back to the Future 2 Action Hoverport set. I bought this set as a kid new at a dollar store in the mall. I'm pretty sure I got it after Back to the Future 3 was out. I thought the little Delorean was cool so I picked up the set.

The set included the Texaco Hoverport, Delorean time machine, and the light blue police car. The Hoverport's center hub can spin so the robot arm can fill up cars at different locations. You can see that arm move in the actual movie.

 I picked up the darker blue police car at a yard sale one time, thinking it was the same car. When I got it home an compared it I notice more differences than just the color. They are similar, but look at the engine area at the back of the car. The darker car has a more square engine area and the light car has a more rectangular area. Two different sculpts.

The Delorean was sculpted for the Back to the Future line because it had the Mr. Fusion food processor and other time gadgets sculpted on. I don't know if there was a regular Delorean made in the standard Micro Machines line.

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