Friday, June 22, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep3 Eggs

 It's Friday! That means we've got to post some Easter Eggs and Notes about the 3rd episode of Action Figure Adventures because tomorrow is the release of the 4th episode.

Each episode has it's own escape plan but there are is also usually an on going story surrounding the escape plans. In the 3rd episode the story line continues the adventures of Luke Skywalker and Han Solo trying to get an R2-D2 from the Jawas that can hack into the bad guy computer. This eventually leads to this episodes escape attempt.

If you haven't seen AFA 3 yet check it out! If you have seen it... well here are a few things to look for on a second watch.

3:54 Squidface is the first vintage Star Wars toy featured in the show (besides the Stormtroopers).
                 - The Stormtroopers don't really count because they aren't an individual characters
I am a lone knight!

4:34 Chuckles pulls a move reminiscent of the Matrix in his fight trying to dodge a live wire.

6:57 There is a VHS tape of our other show Animation Creation sitting by the Gateway Computer mug.

7:34 The "computer" is made out of cardboard and masking tape

7:36 The Star Wars characters never notice the bad guy base is a computer desk with a "giant" real computer

8:41 R2-D2 "fighting" the bad guy is a little obscene

9:01 One of the B.A.T.S. does the old playground trick of bending down behind someone about to get pushed.
Chewie getting bullied at school

9:12 The Anime girl in the background is Nene from Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040. One of my favorite anime.

9:16 There is a stray blob of ticky-tak in the shot for a couple of frames.

9:34 Dental Floss was chosen as the rope for the episode because it was the only "string" I could find for sale on campus.

11:09 The First Aid kit (It belongs to the GI Joe Life-Line who is not in the show) is seen at the good guy base in one of the intro slides during the open of some of the episodes.

12:51 Often times at he beginning or the end of episodes when the heroes are sitting around or sleeping some of them are working out. Here Chuckles works out in the ceiling. (My college roommate was in ROTC and he did push-ups and sit-ups when ever he was bored. That's basically where this came from)

13:31 The first of many Lego People to be used in the show. The big dog is Peter Puppy from Earthworm Jim.

Chuckles first encounters a Lego Person
14:41 The 2nd time in this episode where masking tape is used  as action figure bandages (and it's not the last time in this series)

16:47 My roommate and I dropped bouncy balls down that center opening several times as well as the spool of tape from a VHS of the Lost Boys The building was 10 stories and we lived on the 7th floor..

17:20 Derek did a really nice job of combining the frames of the toys being animated with live action feet to make it seem like they barley made it out of the way.

17:46 the Lighting in the stair well is so weird the colors look bad and it always made me feel kind of sick when I was in there.

18:39 I tried to frame shots so the dental loss would pass in front of something black like the railings or else the string just blended in and it look like he was floating.

19:11 I took the screw out of Alpine's back to make sure he would "explode".

19:26 Derek specifically wrote in Alpine's teddy bear so that way we would have a stuffed animal at the memorial the Heroes build the their fallen friends.

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