Friday, June 29, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep4 Eggs

It's Friday and I have to post some Easter Eggs and Notes on the show. I hope you are checking these episodes out. We spent a lot of time on them and I think they are pretty fun.

So if you haven't seen AFA Ep 4 yet, what are you waiting for? If you have, thank you and here are a few little hidden gems about this episode.


 2:00 More screen time for the Villians as the capture Chewbacca story line continues.

2:54 There are two different Masters of the Universe posters in the dorm room, but no MOTU figures in the show.

3:29 Like the Dental Floss in Ep 3, the Pop Tarts box was the only little box I could find around campus. A lot of things in the series are made out of Pop Tart boxes including the "Computer" from an earlier episode and the stretchers in this one.

3:45 The last three Lego people were put together to be reminiscent of Clutch, Scoop, and Barbeque. Clutch wears all green has black hair and beard and holds a wrench. Scoop has
brown hair, green vest, yellow pants, and is holding a video camera. Barbeque is the weakest resemblence, but the guy is a fire fighter.

4:09 I drew that face on that Lego head as a kid. The real face had rubbed off. I think a pack of blank Lego people would be fun.

4:32 Wow can the ceiling above the drop ceiling be another drop ceiling?

6:39 How useful is a Lego drill when you are building things out of Legos?

8:06 There is a major continuity error in this scene. We see Cobra Commander push on the back
of the statistis text book but the front cover falls towards the camera when we hear him scream.

9:56 Can you spot the custom Han Solo Lego person I made years before Star Wars Legos exisited?

11:10 The Scoop and Clutch Lego people are off to the side again.

11:39 In the 80's I never had to cool Construx Purple Astronaut. I only ever had the guy in a blue sweater and pants. He seemed like a good arch-rival for the Lego people.

13:10 Magneto is using a MRE (Meal Ready to Eat) in his trap. As I mentioned before, my college roommate was in ROTC.

15:56 The town fool is another custom Lego face I did on a old head that had lost it's details. I made him have his tounge stick out.

16:29 The Solders are doing most of the rebuilding this time while the civilian Lego people are working out with chuckles. Later the Solders are involved in weapons training

17:44 The solder is wearing Big Boa's boxing gloves from GI Joe

17:47 Get it... Rock' em, Sock' em robots.

17:56 The knights build a battering ram.

18:47 The Lego people saying "hut, hut, hut" is a reference to the National Guard guys in the Blues Brothers movie.

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