Saturday, June 9, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Episode 2

I hope everyone enjoyed episode one, because today is the official release of Action Figure Adventures Episode 2. In the first episode the heroes were inspired by Robin to escape their prison. In that episode we saw Batman and Robin act on their plan to escape using gliders. We also saw Chuckles (GI Joe) decided to enter the drop ceiling to explore for a way out.

In episode two a new group of heroes, the GI Joe sub team Battle Force 2000, develop a new escape plan. This is the first time we see the heroes enter the hall outside the dorm room.

Did anyone ever have all their vehicles and build the future fortress?

The story line for the entire series really began to form as Derek wrote this episodes script. The first episode set up the problem, but we didn't have a full plan for each episode yet. By the time the second script was being written we knew that there would be eight episodes and how the heroes would try to escape in each one. This allowed us to start hinting at future escape plans. If you rewatch this episode once you have seen the entire series you will see some of the other plans begining to be developed and hinted at.

GI Joe: Code Name for America's highly trained special mission force
 As with the first episode, we again get to see the continuing adventures of Chuckles as he wanders the ceiling looking of an escape route while righting wrongs as he goes along.

The guys on Miami Vice never dealt with this kind of alien

 Okay... I know you want to get to the episode. It's embedded below or you can click on it to move over to youtube.

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