Sunday, June 10, 2012

Flea Market Finds #5

I got a chance to go out to the flea market this weekends, and I am happy with what I found. I picked up some 90's trading cards for dirt cheap, but what I'm excited about is...

the complete set of 2003 Masters of the Universe Happy Meal toys based on the 200x series. I had a few of these guys that I had picked up over the years, but I had been looking to complete the set for a while.

 He-Man with Power sword featuring punching action and some articulation. His power sword can also be attached to his back via a peg. Battle Cat is some-what articulated as well and features a spring-loaded armor piece that allows for He-Man to be knocked off in a fight.

Skeletor, like He-Man has some articulation and his Havoc Staff. Panthor has articulation in his legs and tail. He features a spring-loaded missile launcher that is meant to shoot the target on Battle Cat's armor to knock He-Man off.

 Ram Man has a head butt feature if you push down on him. Beastman (who is huge) comes with his whip and has a feature to make him swing it if you hit a button on his back.

I saved the weakest two figures for last. Orko is a whined-up toy who kind of walks around. He features one point of articulation in his wand arm. Man-At-Arms looks pretty good, but is missing articulation in his armored arm because it houses a mechanism to launch his spinning shield. (He's better than Orko, but not great)

I think this set actually came out of the store display unit because many of them have hot glue on their weapons, backs, or feet. It's possible someone collected them all and glued them together for some reason, but I have a feeling they were part of a display.

 One last shot of He-Man and Skeletor battling it out. I picked up this complete set for $3 and considering I paid a buck a piece for the three I already had... I'm pretty happy. (almost happy meal happy)

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  1. Those are awesome figures considering they are Happy Meal toys.Great finds!