Saturday, June 16, 2012

Action Figure Adventures Ep 3

Here we are at week three. At this point I'm sure you all know the drill. Like the great cartoons of the 80's you have to have a formula for the episodes. Ours looks something like.... The Heroes are bored, take a peak at Chuckle's adventures, the Heroes and Villians getting into a fight, finally a new escape plan is attempted.
What's going down, Undercover Brown?
 Chuckles  being in the ceiling allows us to explore a lot of unusual story lines and meet weird characters. There are already so many characters in the dorm that it makes it fun to have a wide open space to have some of the other adventures to take place in.

Alpine and his Teddy Bear (and Teddy Roosevelt)
 This episodes main escape centers around the GI Joe Alpine. The list of escape routes were the first plot points to be determined. Sometimes action figures were included in the show because they worked for that plan. Their characters skill set matched the mission. Other times a figure we liked were used because we wanted to work that figure into the story.

Sword Brothers resolve their differences with swords!
We know all the GI Joe fans have been waiting for a Snake Eyes vs Storm Shadow battle. It's difficult to put sound effects into a fight when the toys are supposed to be toys. If the story ignored the fact that they are plastic and we were pretending they were real people we would need metal and metal sounds for the swords and smacking and clapping sounds for punches. Instead we needed plastic tapping on plastic sounds.

I hope you enjoy it!

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