Thursday, June 21, 2012

Harvey Dent (The Dark Knight)

As I mentioned on here before I'm temporarily without a drivers license for medical reasons, so I'm dying to see The Dark Knight Rises and try to get the new figures to build the Collect and Connect Bat Signal. (EDIT: When I posted this I thought the movie came out June 20th not July 20th) The next best thing I can do is to review this Batman: The Dark Knight Harvey Dent action figure.

He uses Mattel's stock suit body for all their DC Comics characters with a head sculpt that looks very much like Aaron Eckhart who played Dent and Two-Face in the film. I was drawn to this figure for two reasons. Like I said in my review of Prince Adam I have always been of fan of the secret identity figures, and this is as close as you get with Two-Face. I also like him because when I do stop motion animation project it is often useful to have generic looking characters in suits or street cloths to fill bit roles.

If you've seen the 10th episode of our show Animation Creation we used a movie Professor X who I sculpted hair on as a reporter.

The figure has the same awesome articulation that Mattel puts into all their DC Universe and Movie Masters figures. Here is Harvey Dent dancing or getting shot. You decide...  It is nice that the jacket and tie have some slight movement to them. It allows for more realistic looking poses and movement. You could have him reach into his jacket to pull something out.

He also comes with a metal double heads coin that you an actually flip. It's a shame he didn't come with a really tiny one that he could hold. An accessory for the district attorney would be nice.

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