Monday, November 5, 2012

A long time coming...

I got my Drivers License back today in the mail after a 6 month suspension due to medical reasons. I'm so excited I don't have time for a normal post. I'm going to Toys R Us like in a minute.Then I'm going to a friends house to watch the Eagles Monday Night game.

 This locks it in that I can go to Retro Con this weekend here in PA. I had already bought a ticket a month ago counting on having it back. My retro con goals are...

1) Get Autographs from all the Thundercats Voice Actors that are there
2) Buy lots of  cool Toys
    * at least one Silverhawks
    * at least one harder to find vintage MOTU (from the end of the line)
    * at least one really random toy
3) Hang out with my buddy Paul and his family who will be a retro video game vendor

Also, to the people that leave me comments the most on here...

ActionFig - email me your address I have a box of goodies for you.
jboypacman - same as above (
Hobgoblin238 - I don't have much collected for you yet, but I'm hunting down some monsters.


  1. Congrats on being on the road again! I hope we get to see some pictures from Retro Con and i will email you shortly buddy. : )

  2. Hey Buzz am having a hard time getting a email to you so can you send me one first? Send it to and i will answer back with my mailing info. Thanks buddy. : )

    1. oops, I had a type-o in my address. I sent you an email

    2. Got your email and sent you one back. : )

  3. I'll send that e-mail out now Kevin!Thanks A mil :D