Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Joker - Toy Biz

When the Batman movie was released in 1989, I  had to get the toys. Batman was my favorite hero and I was never able to get him during the Super Powers days. The Joker figure was a nice representation of the character from the comic, but his head sculpt and height were not very movie accurate. This Joker figure is very tall and thin.

 Joker came with three accessories: a purple hat (that doesn't fit real well), a black walking stick (which I lost in the back of my mom's station wagon as a kid), and a bellows that is part of his action feature.

He has a good  all around sculpt even though his face doesn't look particularly like Jack Nickelson. He has nice clean paiint apps on his head and shirt. The rest of his body is molded out of a bright purple plastic.

The bellows included with the Joker can be filled with water and connected to his back. This allows him to spray water from his lapel flower to simulate his acid spraying prank flower.


  1. Oh man i actually owned this one back in the day as a younger man and totally forgot i did until seeing it again.

  2. I stil have mine. I never got the joker from the Dark Knight collection that Kenner put out, so this was my Joker to battle. At one point, I had the Joker cycle with side car that Toy Biz had put out. In many ways, I still wish I had that vehicle. This joker looks fantastic in the sidecar. Pair that with the Bob the Henchman from this line at the Joker cycle handles, and you have a really nice Joker display.

  3. I hated this Joker. I SO wanted the new Batman movie to reflect Super Powers. It didn't..