Sunday, November 25, 2012

Retro Con Wrap-Up

Well, it's been a little while since Retro Con.  I was looking around that the photos they posted on their Facebook page, and I had to laugh a little. My third goal was to spend time with my buddy Paul and his family. There were set up as vendors at the show. We actually showed up in several photos.

 Left: Paul sorting video games that he had for sale.
                                               Right: Paul's son Vincent being held by his Grandfather, Joe.

 Left: You can just barley see Heather, Paul, and Myself behind the Trekies
                                                Right: There's me looking at a pack of Star Wars - Star Tours toys
Paul and I talking to the guy from Delia's Make-Up. He was apply Zombie effects to his hand while we talk to him. I sat at the same table as him at Paul & Heather's wedding, but his name has slipped my mind.

I previously posted a similar shot, this was taken as I was buying my MOTU T-Rex. 
The final two photos are pictures I took of Cos-Players that I thought were funny.

 Cobra Commander playing video games.

The Green Ranger is a little short on cash.


  1. Wow...They sold video games at the event huh? That is a first for me.

    1. My buddy Paul runs a convention at the same location called "Too Many Games", so for him to set up at Retro Con was a great way to make money and advertise his show.

  2. Man i wish we had stuff like this close to me in my area because i would so go.

  3. I gotta make it out to something like this one of these days.