Friday, May 18, 2012

Animation Creation Ep 8 - Sympathy for the Devil

Episode eight of our stop motion animated show features toys and action figures pretty heavily in the second half. It's kind of a mixed bag of toys though. No big GI Joe battle this time. We've got some Japanese monster toys, some Beatles figures, and the Dewback from Star Wars.

If you are short on time, make sure you check out you can't ride him. It's good for a laugh and is full of action figures.

1) Lite-Brite Animation by Derek & Kevin (2:09)
2) The Warden by Kevin (4:19)
3) Snow Prints! by Derek & Kevin (5:03)
4) Brian's Potpourri of Animation by Brian (6:44) - Beatles: Yellow Submarine figures, Shrek, and Toy Story toys.
5) You can't ride him. He's my friend! by Kevin (8:10) - Vintage (1977) Star Wars dewback, GI Joe Cobra La Royal Guards and Ultraman Monster figures
6) Box O' Imps 'n' Demons (11:38)  - Plastic demons (think plastic army men) and an Ultraman Monster.
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek with Brian (22:52)  - Custom GI Joes talking about how we make the show.

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