Monday, May 21, 2012

GI Joe Warthog for my birthday

As I posted recently, it was just my birthday, and so I decided to post a picture of one of the greatest birthday presents I ever received. The GI Joe Warthog with Sgt. Slaughter v3!  This thing was so cool. It was an armored troop carrier tank and the driver was non-other than Sarge. Coolest thing about this version of Sgt Slaughter was his removable hat. I still don't know why, but I love figures with removable hats. Look at how happy I am in this picture.

I can't tell if my sister is wrapping a present or if she got something from one of our aunts and uncles on my birthday.

He-Man fans, if you look closely you can see Panthor and Battle Cat in the toy box behind us.


  1. Happy B-Day BC!Mine was on the 20th ;)

  2. My birthday was 5/15 -> the day I posted the Ninja Turtles video.