Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Guide to Star Wars Collectibles

Gus and Duncan's Comprehensive Guide to Star Wars Collectables arrived today in the mail. I have been a big fan of Guz Lopez and his Star Wars collection for a long time. His website was one of the first pages that blew me away as a middle schooler when we first got the internet. On May 4th they ran to book on sale, so I picked it up for 35 bucks. This was a pretty good price for a 984 page book.

This book is a massive tome of Star Wars information. The collectables are organized by type. There is a section for toys, books, models , food, office supplies, apparel and so on. There are all kinds of incredible items that were given to cast and crew members on the films as well as items available to the public. I can't imagine there will ever be a more complete guide. It's amazing how much stuff is in here.

My biggest disappointment with the book is the size of the photos. They are very tiny, making it hard to tell what things are in some of the pictures. With about one hundred thousand items to catalog I can see why the pictures would need to be small, but I'm still a little disappointed. I know their point is to catalog everything, but there are pages of packs of M&M candies that look identical. Do we need those pictures? They are so small I can't tell the difference. I'd rather drop them and show off something more interesting.

The book contains a ton of stuff, and I know Gus and Duncan put a ton of time into creating it. I just don't think that I would have bought it if I saw it in person at Barnes & Nobles. There are preview pics online, but I didn't look at them that carefully. I have a net book, so the previews don't fit on the page well and that makes it hard to tell how things will look in person.

Anyway, I guess if you are a Star Wars completest you'll need this book for your collection. It's cool, but my eye sight just isn't good enough to be able to enjoy it. Here the link if you want to check it out, or order it. I'm glad I didn't pay fifty bucks for it.

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