Thursday, May 31, 2012

Animation Creation Ep 10 - Behind-the-Scenes Extravaganza!

Episode 10 is the last episode of Animation Creation. Instead of being a typical episode of the animated variety show, we focus on the behind-the-scenes 'world' of the commentary portion. We further develop the characters of the animators and their friends that work on the show. This entire episode features toys out the wazoo. At the time we shot this every female action figure I owned in the 3 3/4" scale was used to form a crowd of screaming fans.

We get to see Harrison Ford negotiate for a higher salary as our production assistant. Animator Brian, who has slowly taken on a bad guy role, got to terrorize the town in the Cobra Buzz Boar form GI Joe. We also get the seen Derek and Kevin get interviewed by members of the "media" about all sorts of topics. This episode also features a funny Lego Animation.

I hope you enjoy all the work on sets and backgrounds. This was something that was lacking on many of our previous Animation Creation segments. We constructed the exterior of several buildings for the outside scenes as well as room inside the Animation Creation Studios. (Keep an eye out for the set of Kevin's late night talk show - I spent a lot of time on that one for so little screen time)

1) The Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek
2) Wage Struggle featuring Kevin, Derek, & Harrison
3) Fundraising featuring Greg
4) Brian's Arrival featuring Brian
5) To the Screening Room! featuring Derek, Brian & Kevin
6) Public Relations featuring Kevin, Derek, Brian, Greg, & the Press

This is over-all my favorite episode of the series. It's also got the most plot!

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