Monday, May 14, 2012

The Comic Closet

I showed off a little preview of my Toy Room that I am working on a month or two ago, and now I decided to post a couple pictures of the comic closet. These pictures are from right after I finished it up, so it is super neat. It is a lot more messy and full now. This closet was already cedar lined when I bought the house. It had one shelf in the back and it was poorly constructed. I built new shelves and put in the laminate flooring.

The top shelf is where I store games, puzzles, and colorforms from various 80's and 90's franchises. I plan to eventually show off those products at some point here on the blog. The lower shelves are where I store short comic boxes. (I'm not a huge fan of the long boxes) You can see the Star Wars Clone Wars Gunship and a 12" scale Dewback.

There is also a bookcase where I store graphic novels, trade paperbacks, and books about comics and action figures. You can see my Sgt Slaughter Halloween costume in this photo. The binders on the floor have 80's and 90's sports cards and comic cards in them.


  1. Looks good bro!Nice and neat.It's nice to be able to reach something without having to plow through mountains of clutter lol.I have that problem right now with all my Baseball cards.I really have to clean out that closet ;)

  2. Thanks, Yeah since DC launched the new 52 I have a big stack of comics to be filed away. Plus there are some other odds and ends in there right now. I finally got the GI Joe space complex out of the comic closet by getting some work done in the toy room.