Friday, May 25, 2012

Cardboard Han Solo and Boba Fett

This is a photo from my senior year in high school. Derek was dating a girl (Becky) that worked at the local comic shop and she scored me this awesome display from a Star Wars RPG promotion. These guys were plastered to the wall in my bedroom at my parents house for a long time. They are currently in an upstairs bedroom (that is most of the way renovated) at my house.

It actually took a few days before I stopped being startled by the fact that there was "someone" in my room when I'd turn on the lights. Han Solo and Boba Fett were the first two cardboard cut-outs I ever owned. I considered cutting the "promotional" parts off of Boba Fett a few times, but I was always worried I'd mess him up, so it was best to leave it alone.

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