Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Animation Creation Ep 9 - Police & Thieves

Episode 9 is the last "normal" episode of Animation Creation. The 10th episode has a very different format. Police and Thieves features quite a few segments that use toys. COPS 'n' Crooks, Reservoir Dogs, 90's Star Wars and Custom GI Joes.

The Lupin III toys (Anime figures used in the MUPD segments) worked out very nicely for animating because they are very well articulated. The Peeps (Easter candy made here in Pennsylvania) may be the weirdest thing we ever used in an animation. I think it is funny that I put the Jedi warriors in Stormtrooper armor in this episode long before the clone wars cartoon established this.


1) MUPD pt. 1 Lupin's ATM Heist! (0:58) by Kevin - COPS 'n' Crooks and Lupin III figures
2) Makin' Art; Movin' Tanks (2:42) by Derek - Micro Machine Tanks
3) Brian's Reservoir Dogs, pt. 4 (3:35) by Brian - McFarlane Reservoir Dogs and GI Joes
4) MUPD pt. 2 Vehicular Mayhem! (4:29) by Kevin  - COPS 'n' Crooks and Lupin III figures
5) Summer Yellow Chick Day  (6:31) by Derek & Kevin
6) Kung-Fu Puppets Theater (8:40) by Robert
7) MUPD pt. 3 Mad Science and Amish Crime Collide! (11:44) by Kevin - COPS 'n' Crooks and Lupin III figures
8) Alternate-Universe All-Out Jedi Rumble! (15:30) by Kevin - Vintage & 90's Star Wars Toys
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek with Brian (22:51) Custom GI Joes

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