Friday, May 4, 2012

Animation Creation Ep7 - Live Action Creation

Episode 7 of our stop motion animation show, but this episode doesn't really involve stop motion animation. What the hell!?!? I don't know, we liked the show format and it worked out nice to create a compilation of our live action shorts. So it is the episode that breaks all the rules.

The end commentary portion is stop motion animated with real people this episode instead of custom GI Joe action figures. The custom toys (used in the other episodes) are based on the appearance of the characters in the "Silent Movie Remix" parts of the show. There is a vintage Star Wars Snow Speeder in the commentary also, but it's pretty brief. I mostly posted it here in case some one likes the other episodes and wants to see the entire series.

1) Mandate of the Merchant King by Derek, Kevin & Greg
2) The Fall of Rome by Derek
3) Silent Movie Remix 1 by Derek
4) News 56 Typewriter Report by Derek
5) Marbles by Derek
6) Silent Movie Remix part 2 by Derek
Commentary featuring Kevin & Derek

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