Thursday, November 29, 2012

Special Delivery from Action Figs & Things

ActionFig (a.k.a. Tony or pancuco) from Action Figs & Things! sent me a care package as a thank you for the one I sent him. I got it today and wanted to thank him. You are too kind. I didn't expect anything in return for my original package.

 Several months ago (back when I temporarily didn't have my drivers license) ActionFig posted about some stuff he got in a trade. He also mentioned the other blogger threw a few surprises in the box. This got me thinking about sending people some stuff. I started setting a few items aside for the people that commented a lot on my blog. People I was beginning to consider friends. Most of the stuff was toys I got in lots on ebay or at flea markets that were duplicates. When I got my license back and was ready to ship them out I was so toy hunting starved I went crazy and bought lots of toys for myself and a few to stuff in these packages I was sending out.

So, now to show off what ActionFig sent me...

 He packed a ton of stuff into that box.

 Mego Blocks Mini-Fig Poster, Captain America Stickers, and an old Marvel Secret Wars Comic #2

 There was an entire army of Mega Blocks Mini Figs, an Alf toys from a fast food promotion, an ET figure, and a super deformed mini-fig of Cyborg from Teen Titans. I love this little guy!

 A boxed GIJoe: The Rise of Cobra vehicle, a number of Marvel Heroes, Lt. Ripley from Aliens, and a Transformer. I'm a little worried that ActionFig sent me his Wolverine. I thought you were so excited to have him and his mutant cycle? (Maybe he's buying a complete one or had two)

Last but not least, a Batman Forever mug featuring Two-Face (it's hard to photograph glass - sorry) which was part of a fast food promotion back in the day. I never had any of these, 
but I remember drinking out of them at my friend's house.

So, if you haven't check out Action Figs & Things yet, you really should.


  1. Awesome! Tony is a great guy and am glad to see he much like yourself is spreading some "Toy Love". : )

  2. Awesome! Jealous of the Piledriver and Batman mug! I am in the middle of doing it too. It is just so frickin HARD to do from Mexico. When I send I gotta do it from the states.

  3. Nice haul ! I had that exact same Batman mug but it got busted when in our last move...its pretty cool !

  4. I'm glad the package got there in good shape :)I wasn't sure what you had or didn't have seeing as how you have a big collection but I figured you could use any doubles as extras in your animation projects or for trade.I did pick up a MOC Wolvie a while back so I decided to give ya the double ;)The spare Joe(Crazy-Legs)parts was all I had as far as custom fodder goes but I'm sure you can find a use for it.Thanks for the shout out!

    1. BTW-There's a figure inside that Rip Attack box as well!

    2. Yeah, I ripped it open and played with it last night.

  5. Oh my Gosh, that's the same Kenner Lt. Ripley I have!! The same company that made my JPI and JPII action figures :D