Sunday, November 3, 2013

Marvel Subscription Mailer Cards

Yesterday I talked quite a bit about how important comics were to me as a kid and their impact on my life. Today's post shows off a little bit of paper work related to the Marvel Comic subscriptions I had in  the 90's. As a kid I had a subscription to Uncanny X-Men and Spectacular Spider-Man for a couple of years. I first subscribed to X-Men through the promotion on the back of the Toy Biz X-Men figures. I bought my Spider-Man sub through a magazine fundraiser at my sister's middle school.

Each month the issue would arrive in the mail in a plastic back with one of these mailer cards hiding the cover. Each card had artwork of a Marvel hero, my name and address, and a little card to send back if you needed to change your address. I remember there being at least four different mailer cards. Silver Surfer, Hulk, Thor, and Spider-man.  It's possible there were other designs, but I don't remember any others. I found these mixed in with some 90's era comics in my collection. They gave me good memories of some of the best mail days as a kid.

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