Sunday, November 24, 2013

Preytus - Realm of the Underworld

I've had my Wave 2 figures from Realm of the Underworld for a few days now. I've been playing around with them. I'm trying to cook up a little story to do individual animated reviews for each figure in this wave. Preytus so no particular reason became the first figure to get an animated review.

Just like the previous wave, Preytus comes packaged on a brown card back with the logo for Realm of the Underworld on it. The bubble nicely shows off the figure and his accessories. If you look carefully you may notice that my Preytus lost one of his arms while still in his package. Luckily all the ROTU figures have interchangeable parts. Their limbs are designed to pop off an go back on.

Pretyus comes will some cool gear. He has a soft goods mask and tunic. He comes with armor, a belt, a chain, and a staff. Preytus and his staff are made of Glow-in-the-Dark plastic.  For more info on Preytus check out the animated review below.

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