Friday, February 21, 2014

Arctic Threat Shipwreck

Like Arctic Threat Doc, Shipwreck was another post ROC Toys R Us exclusive. He reused parts for some of the other movie line figures to create a winter weather version of everyone's favorite sailor. These guys go great with Arctic Assault Snake Eyes.

 Shipwreck came with a ton of accessories. Some of them include a rifle, spear, backpack, snow shoes, and his pet parrot. Unlike the vintage Polly there is no way to clip this bird to Shipwreck's wrist. Apparently his tiny little talons can clip on the barrel of the rifle. Shipwreck also came with a bulky spring-loaded missile launcher.

Shipwreck is a nice figure. I loved the the animated GI Joe movie. One of the best parts of that film is the battle in the snow. This has always made me a sucker for the standard Joes in snow gear. Shipwreck is definitely a love him or hate him type of character, but either way this is a pretty cool figure.


  1. These up dated arctic Joes are really cool.

  2. Great! If I lived in a more snow friendly enviroment I would be all over these.

  3. I love how Polly actually has snow on the tips of her wings. It was a really cool little detail.

  4. Solid figure!ROC was sooo underrated.There were some real cool rehashes of old time favorites.