Sunday, February 23, 2014

Snow Job - 3" GI Joe Blind Box

More snow pictures... Today's post features a GI Joe Mini-Figure made by the Loyal Subjects. Snow Job is one of the most unique figures in wave one. His head has a lot of detail and he is equipped with a ton of accessories.  Snow Job comes with a gun, two skis, two poles, and a backpack. He is very similar to the v1 vintage figure.

There were some pictures released from NY Toy Fair that showed off designs for a second wave of figures from the Loyal Subjects. I am very exited to see that they are releasing a Beach Head figure. So will I be buying some more $13 blind boxes in the hopes of scoring a Beach Head?


  1. Love it! But man $13 is a lot for these.

  2. I could just offer no comment at all. That would be nice. But I hate my toys when they turn cutsey. Funko pop, this you name it. I guess I am a toy racist.