Friday, February 7, 2014

Arctic Assault Snake Eyes (v46) - ROC

I haven't featured a lot of modern GI Joe figures here on Action Figure Adventures, so when I was getting ready for my big snow photo shoot I made sure to grab a few. Below are two photos of Arctic Assault Snake Eyes from the Rise of Cobra Movie toy line. If you've been following my blog you may already know that I created a custom O-Ring style Arctic Snake Eyes before, but I love this figure.

Snake Eyes came with his parka, strap,  backpack  with grappling hooks, a sword, a pick, and a black gun. says he came with a pistol, but I had mine bagged with the larger gun photographed above.  I also had my figure stored with a pair of black spiked climbing shoes. I'm not sure if I have gotten accessories mixed up between figures, or if there is a variation.


  1. That is frickin cool. I gotta get out of here! Wow! I found an arctic MU Captain America figure. This Snakeeyes would go good with him.

  2. This figure is sooo underrated Kev.Ive been watching one on ebay for the longest.Awesome rendition of Snake Eyes!