Monday, February 3, 2014

Batman - Justic Leauge Unlimited

I'm always picking up action figures of Super Heroes I like at yard sales and flea markets. Here are two different Justice League Unlimited versions of Batman. The first figure features the standard 5 point of articulation most animated DC figures. His suit is black and gray and is an all around nice figure. The second version who is wearing black and blue/gray uniform, features an impressive 9 points of articulation. I'm not sure if these are two different single card versions of Batman or if one of them may have come from a multi-pack.

 I'm always conflicted between cloth and plastic capes. The cloth capes like the Super Powers line and the Batman: The Animated Series line have a nice airy feel, and were fun to play with. The sculpted plastic capes look nice for static display, but can get in the way for sitting and play poses. Both of these guys are displayed with about a dozen other Batman figures.

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  1. I stopped getting new Batman figures after the animated 1992 series ran it's course.