Monday, February 10, 2014

Comic Book Men Returns

Kevin Smith's Comic Book Men  has returned for another season on AMC. I wish it had a better time slot... I hate waiting up for it. I mean couldn't they move up CBM and replay the Walking Dead in the later slot? No, oh that's right, the Walking Dead is a "main stream" comic book show.

The show starts off  highlighting an old non-articulated Clark Kent figure. The figure was still in it's original blister card packaging and had terrible sculpting and horrible paint applications.

In true "reality tv" fashion, the customer reminds Walt that Superman is turning 75. So the staff of the Stash begin planning a big birthday bash for the Man of Steel.

The next customer to come in bought an issue of Lois Lane in which Superman uses a krytonian device to transformer her into a black woman for a day. A pretty wacky plot, but I guess over 75 years writers have explored pretty much every possibility. How many times can Lois fall from some place high and still have the book be interesting when Superman saves her.

Walt, Brian, Ming, and Mike all dressed up goofy half assed costumes. Walt was Jor-El, Brian was a Kryptonite Rock, Ming was Jimmy Olsen, and Mike was Bizzarro. The big celebrity guest for the Superman Party was Superman himself from Lois & Clark The New Adventures of Superman, Dean Cain. As a present they gave Dean a gift certificate to the Secret Stash. It seemed kind of weird. Then they had Dean cut and serve the birthday cake.

The celebrity guests can be fun, but I prefer when Comic Book Men (and Toy Hunters) focuses on the history of interesting toys and comics. I feel like they burn up so much time trying to build up suspense before revealing the guest, that they barely get any screen time.


  1. I normally record the show and watch it later in the week if i can. I agree on the guest star deal too. More Comics and Toys and there History please. : )

  2. They are a funny group of guys- some of the shows from the first two seasons made me laugh so hard that my face hurt

    1. Oh yeah, I totally enjoy "the guys". Most episodes are pretty good. I just get tired of how staged everything is on these reality shows. TV Execs suck.