Thursday, February 13, 2014

Toy Hunters - Giant Toys

So after last weeks episode that was a real hit with me, this weeks Toy Hunters was kind of a dud. The show started off at Jordan's store in New Jersey. A father and son team came in with trash bags full of stuff to try to sell Jordan. It was mostly all crap. He and Steve picked up a few items. They bought a Disney Channel Employee Mug and a Mighty Mouse Bobble Head.

The Jordan got a call from the guys at Gentle Giant studio. They are look for a mint Kenner Cloud City Play Set and 18" Kenner Alien figure with their packaging. They want to scan them to use for their Jumbo toy line.

Jordan and Steve head off to a toy show in Missouri to look for these items. They showed off a few Universal Monster products they bought. They also picked up a Mego Hall of Justice play set. Then they picked up a nice Alien figure with a beat up box.

The show wrapped up when they stopped by Gentle Giant to deliver the Alien. They showed off lots of toys and statues as well as their 3D scanner that they use to reproduce toys.This episode felt more like a commercial for Gental Giant's Jumbo Star Wars than anything else.


  1. Plan on watching it this weekend if i have time to do so.

  2. I have been waiting for the Gentle Giant to make the Alien figure. It was announced eons ago though.

    1. They were waiting for the Toy Hunters episode to air. He's out of my price range.