Sunday, August 11, 2013

Flea Market Finds #16

Once again, I was up early and out to door to hit a few flea markets with a couple of friends of mine. We mostly buy tools at the flea markets, but I also have my eye out for toys and comics. I always see a lot of local toy resellers out hunting for treasures at the same time. It cracks me up because when I was a kid (and teen) I used to buy a lot of stuff off these guys, now I just go hunting in the same places they do.

I picked up the DC Universe Classic Superboy figure. This is the 90's Superboy as he appeared after the Death of Superman story. He sports sunglasses and a leather jacket. The figure is pretty nice, even though he isn't my favorite version of the character. He has a little paint wear on his hair, but it's not bad. I also picked up a small baggie of gaming dice. Superboy set me back $2 and the dice were another buck. I really wanted the dice because of the brown football shaped one. I didn't have one like that before.

Here is the back of Superboy next to my jar of dice. I used to use these dice when I played Dungeons and Dragons in Elementary School, and then Warhammer 40,000 in Middle School and High School. Now I display my dice in a cool glass jar I bought at a craft store. Superboy has a big yellow "S Shield" on the back of his jacket.


  1. Was just looking at dice with my friend Brad on Saturday at a place called the Red Dragon. It's this really out of the way place sales RPG stuff like D&D never had been so Brad want to stop in to find some you guessed dice for role playing games that he does sometimes with some of his other friends.

  2. Love the SM fig!Some of my Star Wars Saga Legends figures came with similar die.