Friday, August 9, 2013

Power Girl - DC Universe Classics

Power Girl was one of the first DCUC figures I ever owned. I enjoy both Power Girl and Supergirl more than Superman. They are less perfect and seem to be more fun to read in the comics (depending who is writing them). Power Girl is wearing her typical white outfit with cleavage window. She wears blue boots and gloves and has a short red cape. Over all the figure is pretty nice. I've heard a few complaints that her faces seems flat from the profile. Her arms are also a little skinny for Power Girl. I think they'd be about right for Supergirl though.

Power Girl comes with no accessories and both her hands are molded into closed fists. She did include a piece for a Collect and Connect figure, like all the figures in the same wave. For some reason the wave that contained Power Girl was a Wal-Mart exclusive.


  1. Always a fan of this character.

  2. I love it when girls of big proportions up front cosplay as this character...

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