Friday, August 16, 2013

MOTUC and Blind Bag Power Rangers

I was out doing some shopping today and I picked up a few fun figures. First I stopped at Big Lots to see if by some odd chance they happended to get in more MOTU Classics figures. I had been going in everyday when the news first hit about the figures at Big Lots. The first case came and went in-between two of my visits. I walked in and they happened to have two Icarius figures. I looked around to see if they had anyone else. I've been hoping to pick up a Megator. I bought both of them, even though I don't really need them. I just wanted to own some $10 MOTU figures.

After Big Lots  I stopped at Toys R Us. They still didn't have the newest wave of GI Joes that I am looking for so I bought a few Blind Bag Mini-Figs. I bought a TMNT Mashems figure. They come in little canisters and mine contained Leonardo. I bought two Mega Blocks Power Ranger: Megaforce figures, and  K'Nex Mario figure.

The Mashems are rubbery figures full of some kind of gel. When you squeeze them they bulge in weird ways. I didn't really read the packaging very well. I thought the figure was going to be more luck a rubber ducky. Oh well... This is probably the only one of these guys I'll probably be buying. They have several different licenses including PR Megaforce and WWE Wrestling.

I previously bought a K'Nex Blind Bag and got a Luigi figure. This time I picked up a Boo. Now this one was pretty easy to figure out which character I was going to get buy just feeling the shape through the bag. He's pretty cool. I wasn't really expecting him to have little K'Nex sockets on the sides of his head.

 Troy: Hi-yah.... now kick... I-yah!

 Troy: Hi-yah

Gia: Hey Troy, what's up with the "little people"?

Troy: I call them Mega Mini Mes.

Gia: hmm... okay, but that doesn't answer my question.

Troy: Well... the Minis...

Gia: Oh, my Mega Mini Me is so cute!

Troy: umm...

Troy: I wouldn't do that if I were you. The Mini Mes hate to be treated like little kids!

Gia: What the Hell! My Mini pulled a Megablaster on me!

Troy: What are you doing?

Gia: Look, I'm a high school girl. I know how to deal with kids. I've done a ton of babysitting.

Troy: Come on... you have to be careful with the Minis.

Gia: Look, kids love me.

Gia: I have a question, Troy.

Troy: Okay, shoot?

Gia: Why does my Mega Mini Me have battle damage and your Mini is nice and clean?

Troy: Like me, my Mini is a better fighter than yours. I can't help it that you and your Mini take hits in battle once in a while.

Gia: Take it back or your Mini looses his head and you loose your nuts!


  1. Great stuff! Liking the Heman guy most. I didn't grow up in the Rangers age.

  2. Awesome finding those Icarius figures I one but want to pick up a second one to open up.

  3. ## I gotta check out my Big Lots.With the exception of the He-Man figure,i like the 200x MOTU line better than the MOTU classics,but i'd like to add a MOTU classic to the mix just to have one.

    1. I'm looking for Megator (Green Giant), so if you see him grab him for me. I'll pay ya for him and shipping.

    2. Kevin I will be stopping back at Big Lots this weekend I will keep a eye out for you on the Megator and pick one up for you if they have one in stock along with a Leech for the Goodwill Geek. So far i have all but lucked out on these after my first two stops but maybe i will score some more for all of us if i can.