Thursday, August 1, 2013

Controversial Thursday - Occult Toys & Toons

Well I decided to do a Controversial Thursday post in honor of my buddy Hobgoblin328 from Monster Cafe Saltillo. Today a friend of my posted link below on Facebook. I watched a few minutes before I headed out to work. After work I watched the rest. Very interesting. I think it's pretty crazy. I feel I'm a pretty good role model for kids, but maybe my mind has been warped by He-Man and Star Wars. I have more pictures of He-Man in my house than Jesus. Perhaps as a child I was brain washed by these evil cartoons. If you are a very conservative Christian you may be shocked by all the evil things found in the He-Man and the Masters of the Universe cartoon. How dare they tell children that the universe was formed by a big explosion. Don't we all know that God created the universe? I was raised in a Christian home and went to church every week until I went away to college. Then again I am a Science Teacher, and I believe in Science 100% it doesn't take "faith" to believe in Science.

80's Cartoons and Toys are Evil and Occult


  1. It bugged the Hell out of me that he kept calling it "Ethernia".

    I couldn't finish it. As stupid as this video is, it bothers me more there were adults out there that would have believed everything these two jackasses said.

    1. They don't really know what they are talking about and combined Eternia with Etheria the planet from He-Man and She-Ra. They had lots of mistakes with what they said about the toys, but they don't care they just have to keep kids safe from Satan.

  2. HAHA! Controversial Thursday! I love it! Let's do a trend here! When I first saw the title on the side I was shocked. HAHA...This is great. Yeah I need to get back doing Controversial Thursday but I was pissing everyone off...

  3. Just a bunch of hoo-ha if you ask me. I hate when people use things like toys,cartoons or video games to make there stance on things like violence or satan. It's normally folks who don't understand what they are seeing or using it for political gain or fame. Read the bible and it has it's tales, adventures and stories of horror and heroes. Samson/He-Man? Great Beasts/Dinosaurs? I like to look at things with faith and logic but at the same time I think there are mysteries out there like the Big Bang or Aliens,Ghosts and other things that bump in the night or move about the universe that can be explained by either. God's hand or just nature? Or maybe a little both.