Thursday, January 16, 2014

Clawful "Packs" a Punch

I recently sent off a couple of packages to blogging buddies of mine. Mainly stuff I picked up at a recent sale at my local comic book shop. John from The Clawful Punch returned the favor and sent me a package back. What a package... it had all kinds of stuff in there.

From a Superman Lunch Box to action figures, trading cards, buttons, and mini-figures, all included in the package. Two GI Joes, two Transformers, two Pez Dispensers, two Eraser Airplanes, and a barrel of slime.

I'm really excited about Aquaman and Flash. These guys are both really cool retro toys. I have a collection of Pez Dispensers and Lunchboxes, so I've got the perfect spot for some of the items John shipped over.

I also really love this Megatron figure. He's nicely articulated. He doesn't transform, but that allows for him to be a better action figure because he doesn't need articulation points for transforming. Thanks John, you didn't have to and that's part of what makes it so special.


  1. Glad you liked everything Kevin and i wanted it to be a surprise so i didn't say anything about it coming your way. : )

    Still got your list and i will be active on looking for those items you mentioned on my Toy Travels.

  2. Yup. The super powers are the gem of the bunch.

  3. Looks like a fun filled box of toys you got. Superb !