Saturday, January 4, 2014

Matchbox Track Burners Puffy Stickers

Back in the day, everything had a line of puffy stickers, and Matchbox cars were no different. I got a pretty large set of stickers as a kid. Many of them ended up in my sticker book (those are photographed and contained in the post. I gave a few away to friends as a kid and to this day there is one I gave my Dad stuck on his tool box. My interest in cars died off when I stopped playing with Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars... so I can't elaborate to much on these stickers.

 Sticker Set Title Sticker, Chevy Pro Stocker, CorvetteT Roof, IMSA Mazda, and Maxi Taxi

 Porsche Turbo, Ford Sierra XR41, Audi Quatro

This Audi isn't exactly the same as the sticker, 
but as a kid I thought it was cool to have matching stickers and cars.

 IMSA Mustang

IMSA Mustang Matchbox Car

'57 T Bird, BMW M1, and Red Rider

Good Vibrations and Dodge Challenger
 Good Vibration Matchbox Car

 Orange Peel

Sun Burner and Formula Racer

 Cosmic Blues

You can see that the cars were well loved. The paint is especially worn on the Sunkist Car.


  1. Puffy stickers! I have not seen these in years do they still make them?

  2. I wonder if Mexico can make me some down here...