Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Star Wars & Super Powers - Winter Fever 3

I saved my favorite purchases from the Winter Fever Toy Show for my final post about the show. I previously showed off figures from other lines including Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles, Captain Planet, Dino-Riders, and He-Man, but today I show off some new Star Wars and Super Power toys.

I'm extremely excited to finally complete my vintage Star Wars Beast collection. I've had Jabba since I was a kid. I bought the Rancor a few years back and last weekend I bought a Patrol Dewback and Hoth Wampa! The Dewback came with its saddle and a Stormtrooper rider. The Wampa is in pretty good shape, although just slightly yellowed on his torso. The yellowing on this monster is almost a given.

I've always liked the Super Powers line. They are great figures, I just never owned very many of them. Since a good friend of mine was collecting them locally, I never really wanted to give him competition. My good buddy John, from Clawful Punch, sent me two Super Powers about a week ago, and so when I saw a bunch at the show this weekend I decided, what the hell! I picked up Steppenwolf with his axe, Hal Jordan Green Lantern with his Lantern Battery, and Lex Luther in his power armor. I know Steppenwolf is one of the figures my friend Greg doesn't have. GL is a very interesting character to me, and I had Lex as a kid, but don't know what happened to him.


  1. Yup I would be proud to own those too. I remember back in the day Steppenwolf was a send off proof of purchase kind of figure. I ordered him back then.

  2. Awesome! I have GL minus his lantern and Lex but no Steppenwolf yet.

  3. Is that a vintage Storm Trooper?Lovin' the Superpowers line.I don't get out to any toy shows as I feel as If I haven't reached that stage in toy collecting yet.Although, I'm sure I would go nuts if I ever do decide to attend one.I have one Flea market type place nearby but their toy kiosks consist of contemporary knock offs,etc.Nothing vintage.Almost like what you'd find in china town.