Friday, January 10, 2014

Nano-Tech Monster - 200x TMNT

Several years ago I bought this figure  for a quarter at a thrift shop that I used to frequent. I knew just from looking at his that he was from the 2000's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. I didn't know anything else about him, but for a quarter, how could I pass it up. It took some digging on the internet to find out he's the Nano-Tech Monster. The character started out as a bad guy on the cartoon but eventually changed sides.

 The Nano-Tech Monster is basically a junk robot. He's a bulking mechanical being made up of lots of parts and pieces. His face is a wheel of different "drama" mask. He's got more faces than just the comedy and tragedy masks. He kind of puts Man-E-Faces from MOTU to shame.

He originally came with two gray hands that can be removed and replaced by a brown pincher hand. He also came with several other "junk" accessories that be plugged into the holes on his body. Some of the junk includes wheel rims, a satellite dish, and a keyboard. My thrift store find came with one regular robot hand and one gripper hand. All his other accessories are missing. He's got an interesting design and I am glad to have him in my collection.


  1. That is kinda neat. A little paint job here and there to make him rusty and bam...

  2. I like this guy he almost looks like he could be on the Filmation's Ghostbusters. I like him.