Monday, January 6, 2014

Nick TMNT Chia Pet

Over the summer I was feeling kind of artsy-crafty to avoid spending a stupid amount . of money at the craft store I went to Toys R Us. In the clearance section they had one Ninja Turtle and a couple of Spongebob Chia Pets. I decided it was the perfect thing to get. I could paint it to get my arts and crafts on.

I decided it was my favorite Turtle Mikey, so I got out some paints and painted him up. I used light green for his skin and orange for his bands so he's match the Nickelodeon cartoon.

His eyes and teeth were painted white. The wrappings on his hands and his belt were painted brown. I painted his front shell bright yellow. I think he turned out well. I've never had a bare Chia Pet before, but this one seemed to sweat a lot. Maybe that was because the paint sealed the ceramic surface.

I did not paint the shell because I wasn't sure if it would mess with the plants growing. I was going to post this once I got some good plant growth, but I never got a very good bush growing. So I never bothered to take a photo. Maybe I'll try again... or I'll just put him on a shelf as a little bust.

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  1. Looks nice Kevin and i you know always thought it would be funny and great if they had done a Swamp Thing Chia Pet lol.