Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Winter Fever Toy Show Part 2

So yesterday I featured a few pictures of the Winter Fever Toy Show itself as well as a picture of a few of the random toys I picked up. Today's post shows off some more cool toys I picked up at the show. I'm very happy with my finds. First up is six figures from the Dino-Riders line from Tyco. I had a few Dino-Riders figures from my childhood, and I stored them with my MASK figures. Where they are now, I have no idea.

On the villain side I got two snake-men and their unusual  leader. Rasp is in the black outfit,  Krulos the evil leader in red with the dome helmet and Sidewinder in purple. I know I have Rasp somewhere.

On the hero side I have Mind-Zel, Sky, and the young Llahd. I think I got all the names correct, I'm not a Dino-Rinders expert. Mind-Zel was a blind mystic type and Llahd is the youngest character from the series.

I also picked up Masters of the Universe figures from three different lines released over three different decades. First up is Skeletor from the 200x line. Next is Rokkon and Blast Attack from the vintage line. I'm still wondering how they will handle Blast Attack for the Classics line. Will be be able to split apart like the vintage toy? In the front row we have Hydron and Spinwit from the New Adventures of He-Man.


  1. Nice! I just got Stondar myself and will be showing him shortly on the blog. : )

  2. Rasp & the Snake Men are great! that's fun :D