Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Plastic Giant, Knights, & Demon by DFC

It's interesting how much fun a kid can have with a static figure like Green Army Men. I mean I grew up with GI Joe and Star Wars figures but still loved to play with little plastic knights and wrestlers. Toys like Army Ants at least had some  painted details.

 My buddy Derek always had the weirdest plastic figures. Goblins, demons, knights, and wizards all molded in a single shade of plastic. I recently found out that a whole bunch of little plastic fantasy figures I had as a kid were made by a company called DFC (thanks to Little Weirdos).
I think that all my DFC figures actually came from Derek, so I'm not sure where he got them. He had several other figures shown on Little Weirdos.

As a teenager one of my hobbies was to paint miniatures from table top board games. When I was in the mood to paint but didn't have money to buy pewter miniatures I'd paint my plastic figures. I can't say these guys are my best. They don't have the best detail, and I hadn't learned how important it is to use washes and dry brushing.

This guy is supposed to be a giant, but because all the figures are basically the same scale I just pretended he was a viking. I remember Derek having two variations of this guy. One with a detailed spiked flail while the other just had this less detailed ball flail.

Here are two knights from the same fantasy line. I think there were a few other knight figures, but these are the only two I have. I really liked the knight armed with the sword and shield. I also previously posted about a Wizard from this series.

I had all these guys lined up on the top ledge of the frame to a bulletin board in my bedroom for years.

Some of the best figures from this line of figures were the demons. Here is one armed with a flail. Again, I believe there were some figures with more detailed weapons that had sculpted details like chain and spikes instead of a smooth ball on a wavy stick.

I know I had one of these guys  holding an axe with two hands similar to the knight pictured above.

We used some of these guys along with a bunch of other plastic monster in a segment Derek cooked up for our stop motion show Animation Creation. I've included a link to the portion of Box O' Imps 'n' Demons that focus on these little guys the most. It' one of the weirder segments of the show. It used some live action bits and lots of weird lighting.

Here is a link to some interesting photographs taken of a Batman figure I saw online. I though my fellow toy fans might enjoy them. Curious Wanderings of Batman in the American South West


  1. I had 2 of the DFC playsets as a kid. What I do not get is with the constant release of Dinosaur, Toy army men etc. that why these little guys have not been repopped. They go for INSANE prices on Ebay. So do the Marx Navarone playset. This stuff is EASY to repop as seen by TimMees Battle Mountain. It is high time for these to be redone.

    1. Agreed. I had the Fires of Shandaar set and those Lava men were AWESOME! Why haven't these been re-released?!?!

  2. I used to have a whole set of these played with the often I even had a plastic mat and either a mountain or castle that went with them too.