Saturday, January 11, 2014

Retro Birthday Party Pictures - RoboCop

I'm getting very excited about the upcoming RoboCop remake. In honor of the this new film I'm posting some retro photos of myself at the age of six opening up a bunch of RoboCop and the Ultra Police toys.

These photos were taken at my "family" birthday party. When we were young we had both a family party and a separate one for our friends.

I know it's basically impossible to see, but I have unwrapped one of the members of the Ultra Police, Birdman Barnes. I was never a huge fan of the figure. He was dressed in a goofy yellow outfit and his helmet was asymmetrical. I also got RoboCop that year, but there aren't any pictures of him.

Here you can see I've just unwrapped the RoboCycle. Birdman Barnes is now laying on the floor in the foreground. The third and final photo shows me working on assembling Robo-1, RoboCop's car. I loved that toy. The blue chrome armor was awesome and I had a ton of fun with it.

The photo was a little fuzzy and washed out from the flash so I didn't worry about displaying it very largely. I bet my Dad was glad that I was finally old enough to put my toys together. I now he used to hate applying the stickers to my GI Joe vehicles.


  1. So cool that you still have these pics.My nephew used to have a lot of Robocop toys,mostly picked out by yours truly ;)

  2. Oh man, I used to love the Robo-1 and the Robocycle.

    I seriously miss cap-firing action figures. I still remember the commercials for these figures, and nearly losing my mind when I discovered there was an ED-209 figure. I never was able to get my hands on one though.

    1. I never had ED-209 as a kid, but I have one in my collection now.

  3. Never had any of the Robocop stuff but i might of been too old by the time it was coming out but even back then i thought it was strange they had toys and a cartoon based off such a violent movie.

  4. My favorite was the Ed-260. I used him as an advanced Sentinel that would prey upon my Xmen. He was far more destructive than actual Sentinels. Wish I still had it. I hope to get the one from Neca one day.