Saturday, March 15, 2014

Cobra Commander v2 - GI Joe '84

The Hooded Cobra Commander, who was only available through a mail away promotion, was my Cobra Commander for all the years I played with GI Joe toys. I mailed away for him as a kid, never saw the battle helmet version and passed on the later battle armor figure. He's dressed in a dark blue formal uniform with a large Cobra logo on his chest. The figure has nice gold details here and there. He came armed with the same pistol as the first version. The gun can clip onto his back which is pretty cool feature.

I found a Storm Shadow head at a yard sale or flea market one time as a kid as well as a spare hooded Cobra Commander. I put the SS head on the CC body and I used to pretend that the Commander insisted his body guard work formal attire. I posted pictures of this custom figure on a now defunct website when I was in high school and someone offered me $35 dollars for the toy. So I sold him.

I always really liked the hooded figure, but when I was picking figures to use in my animated show, Action Figure Adventures (the series), I chose to used the helmeted figure.


  1. Loved this figure as well. Sent off for him too.

  2. I like both the hooded and helmet versions but the armored version is my favorite.

    1. I like them all now. I didn't like the Battle Armor at the time. I wanted everything to be like the cartoon. I read the comics, but I didn't read them exactly as they were coming out. So it was a while before I found out he was an imposter.