Saturday, March 22, 2014

Hydro Assault Joker

Hydro Assault Joker was released as part of the New Adventures of Batman toy line. He was a characters from the Mission Masters 2 sub series of that line. This particular figure is also a repaint. The Joker is dressed in a red or maroon version of his suit. He is wearing a yellow shirt and green & red striped pants. He seems almost like an homage to the Kenner Sky Escape Joker from the Dark Knight Collection. He even has the same bright blue gloves.

Hydro Assault Joker came into my collection several years ago when my mom trash picked a large plastic toy box for me that was full of Batman Beyond toys and Power Ranger figures. So I don't have any of his accessories. He originally came with a large waster squirting cannon with backpack and a gas mask that looks like big grinning smile.

Like I previously mentioned, this is a repaint of another Joker figure who wore his traditional purple. The original version was released in the early days of the Batman Animated Series toyline as the standard Joker figure. This sculpt was also released in a blue suit as Pogo Stick Joker.