Monday, March 31, 2014

Comic Book Men go to the Ren Fair

This weeks episode of Comic Book Men starts off with the boys talking about solving personal problems for their customers. I would imagine that spoilers would be one of the worst things about working in a comic store. Customers would probably talk about comics, movies, and TV shows you haven't seen or read yet.

They cut away to the the boys sitting with Kevin Smith around the mics and they start taking about the rarest item ever in the Secret Stash. It was a Mego Elastic Hulk, similar to Stretch Arm-Strong. The owner claimed there are only 13 left in existence and his is the only one in mint condition. He had the box, the instructions, and he oils the rubber skin on the Hulk off and on to keep it from drying out and cracking.

The next customer brought in an original Spider-Man splash page - by John Romita Jr.It was a really nice piece and Walt bought it to resell.

The boys from the Stash joined Jason Mewes at the New York Renaissance Fair. They met up with the knights and went through the tests to be knighted. The entire time they were there the "characters" from the Fair picked on Ming.

The first challenge the boys were put up to was axe throwing The first couple of guys to try sucked. Mike and Jay were pretty good. The next challenge they had the guys try was to ring a bell by swinging a hammer. Most of the guys didn't come off as being to strong, but Bryan was able to ring the bell.

Next the guys got to throw tomatoes at Jason Mewes. I'm not really sure what the point was, but it was kind of funny.

Finally the guy had to sword fight with some girls. It was clearly choreographed and full of sexual innuendos.  The sword fighting vixens declared that the guys were ready to meet the Queen. The Queen then knighted the Clerks of the Stash.

The final customer into the Stash this episode brought in some props from the newer Battle Star Galactica show. Walt passed on the items, partly because he's not a Battle Star fan, but also because the Stash doesn't specialize in props.

It was a decent episode, but I would have rather seen more fun stuff come into the Stash. It felt a lot like the Zombie Run episode from last season.

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