Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Batman Foil Stickers

Well, I called out sick today from work. I started getting a cold on Sunday. I felt pretty crappy most of today, so you're getting a quicky post today. My Mom bought me these stickers in the late 90's at a card and gift shop near where I grew up. The pack contained two identical sheets. Below is a compete sheet, other were used on some of my notebooks in High School. I had a couple of sheets of paper that I decorated with bits of art and stickers and I would move them from one clear view binder to another each school year.

The set contains 5 different Batman stickers, a Bat-symbol, a text logo sticker, and several small bat stickers. They have some very 90's color swatches behind Batman, but the foil effect sees very 80's.


  1. I love Superhero stickers. They make em by the truckload down here. I have alot covering my TV's.

  2. I loved stickers as a kid.Even now I have Captain America stickers on my toy drawer cart as well as your Action Figure Adventure sticker ;)