Thursday, March 13, 2014

Toy Hunter does England

This is the second recent episode of Toy Hunters that started inside Jordan's store. It give the show a little bit of Comic Book Men or Pawn Stars feel.

Two guys brought in the He-Man stationary riding toy. It's basically a spring rocking horse, but instead of a horse it's Battle Cat. I've always thought it was really cool, but Battle Cat is one of my favorite characters. Jordan and his buddy Steve couldn't agree on a purchase price with the two fellows, so Jordan is going to to broker the piece.

Jordan seems to be building up a collection of Merry Men these days. He took Travis, the young kid dealer, with him to pick toys. They go to see a toy collector, who studied toy design. Jordan bought a set of card Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles figures including a Krang. Next we purchased a bunch of carded Silverhawks. Travis said they were like Thundercats in space. Jordan said," not really". Then they explained that they were made by the same people. Silver Hawks was LJN & Rankin/Bass trying to cash in on the success of Thundercats. They would try it a third time with Tigersharks. Jordan was excited to buy the Silverhawks, because he is buying toys for Birmingham Comic Con and the Hawks were never released overseas.Jordan also picked up the RoboTech Veritech Fighter.

Jordan takes yet another friend, Dave, with his to England. Dave is an international toy expert. They hit up a couple toy shops. In the first shop they find some Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles. We find out the history of Action Man, the British GI Joe. Jordan also buy a Lyon's Made Ice Cream sign that features Star Wars themed treats from the 70's.

At the second shop they visit, which is a record store and toy shop, Jordan and Dave buy a Give a Show projector and slides made by Chad Valley. In American we had the same projector made by another company. Many of the British slides are unique to their country. Finally Jordan finds a real show piece. He buys a complete Batman Equipment Set. The set includes a plastic cowl (almost a helmet), a cape, and utility belt with gadgets.

At the Birmingham Comic Con Jordan learns that the American toys he brought with him sold way better than the English pieces he bought for the show while he was over seas. In the end he brought home some great British merchandise for his store back in New Jersey.


  1. I saw that Battle Cat Spring Horse a year or two ago at a flea market down by Detroit and my friend Chris almost bought it for his kids.

    1. It was me on the show and I am still looking for a buyer...

    2. hmm... I don't really have the space, but I do love Battle Cat.